Client Testimonials

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Well qualified and they do everything

"I know it’s hard to believe with the prices he’s giving it to you at but it is true"

Ernesto T

Reliable Mortgage Pros

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Formidable, Reliable and Professional

"Trusted company that has your best interests in mind"

Danielle M.

MM & Co

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Performance, Dependability, Experience and Professionalism

"Clear desk is the best decision I have made in a very long time! "

Lisa D.

Medicare Coverage Pro

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Organized and Efficient

"ClearDesk has been a super easy solution for hiring a few VAs for our customer service team.  Would highly recommend them."

Jen B.


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Great Team Member

"During a rough time with staffing The Cleardesk was able to provide me with a virtual assistant that was ready to hop in and accept the challenge of becoming a member of our team."

Britney Desir

Therapeutic Endeavors

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Creative & Resourceful

"Whether you need 1 person or 20 people, outsourcing is the best way to do it and we love ClearDesk."

Karen L.

Deco Light

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“I love that I can customize my relationship with my VA. They can be as flexible or structured as we need and we decide that together!”

Lienna Soderling

Skol Marketing

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Flexible and a Self-Starter

“I love that my VA is a self-starter and takes care of things before I even knew they were on my plate!”

Mark Little


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Keeps Things Running Smoothly

“It’s so relieving knowing I can take days off work know my VA will keep things running smoothly while I’m gone.”

Crystal Hilsley

Crystal Care Kids

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Makes Things Easy

"the ClearDesk system makes things easy and my assistant was really "plug and play" just like you promised!"

Faith Amon

Frecklefoot Creative

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Immediately Impactful

"Clear Desk did a fantastic job matching us with a VA who had the technical expertise, platform experience, and self-starter attitude to hit the ground running."

David Ward


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Can't Recommend Highly Enough

Working with a virtual assistant has been a real value add for me, as the busy CEO of a fast growing startup....

Leland Whitehouse

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Organized and Efficient

"ClearDesk has been a super easy solution for hiring a few VAs for our real estate brokerage.  We have trained them to help prepare purchase contracts, leases, follow up with clients, and even help with maintenance and property management requests.  We discovered if we were open minded about not having this person in our office and if we invested in training, we could truly save a lot of money and scale our business in a much better way!  Would highly recommend ClearDesk!."

Jen B.

Realtor in Los Angeles

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