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Side Task List

Follow Up Boss

  1. Delete/merge duplicate contacts

  2. Create and/or consolidate tags

  3. Review historic transactions & update tags 

  4. Add properties

  5. Upload deals

  6. Contact past clients for updated contact information

  7. Update CRM with information gathered from social media platforms (birthdays, familial status, anniversaries, etc.)

  8. Create/import contacts

  9. Create email templates

  10. Create action plans

  11. Organize by stage, tag or custom fields

  12. Bulk update contacts

  13. Create smart lists, tasks, and deals

  14. Create automations

  15. Maintain contact database and track potential leads

  16. Email management 

  17. Calendar management 

  18. Set up task management system 

  19. Send reminders/keep you on task 

  20. Manage vendor list (painters, roofers, plumbers, mortgage lenders, etc) 

  21. Schedule management (appointments, showings, inspections, tours, open houses, calls) 

  22. Client communication 

  23. Schedule inspections and other service providers 

  24. Daily appointment confirmations/appointment reminders for buyers 

  25. Schedule quarterly check-in calls for long-term buyers or sellers 

  26. Create/send open house emails 

  27. Cold calling 

  28. Generate a call list of the least contacted contacts so your assistant can assign you 1-2 people daily to call or text. (Assistant to track notes in CRM) 

  29. Handle customer/client inquiries via phone, email, live chat, etc. 

  30. Make warm lead follow-up calls (agent to provide a list of leads) 

  31. Call past clients and neighborhoods that the agent has sold in for prospecting  

  32. Client event coordination (networking events, seminars, virtual or in-person) 

  33. Track paid leads (keep track of how many times you are contacting a lead) 

  34. B2B appointment setting (creating a target list of business owners in your niche to connect with to cross-promote businesses) 

  35. Contact FSBO and expired listings 

Active Pipe

36. Set up drip campaigns

37. Create campaigns

38. Implement targeted email marketing campaigns and newsletters


39. Create CMAs

40. Create and share buyer and listing presentations

Luxury Presence

41. Create a property website

​42. Seller and home buyer presentations

43. Listing feeds

44. Draft and publish blog posts 

45. Creatives/graphics for blog posts

46. Update and maintain branded website content

47. Edit existing page

48. Add/remove an associate

49. Modify an agent bio page

50. Create a custom property

51. Create a sales presentation (buyer and seller) 

52. Create a single property website

53. Create listing feeds 

54. Export list of leads

55. Look at lead activity in the dashboard

56. Create listing appointment packet 

57. Take inbound phone calls that are re-routed to your assistant’s number if you cannot answer (need to set up dialler first) 

58. Add client testimonials 


​59. Create templates

​60. Social media posts

61. Create print-ready, branded marketing collateral

62. Order signage 

63. Create marketing materials for new listings 

64. Create branded buyer and seller checklists 

65. Content and caption creation 

66. Graphic design 

67. Create visuals for ads 

68. Create brochures, postcards, newsletters, flyers, flipbooks, etc. Manage a brand kit (folder with logos, style guide, copy guidelines, fonts, brand colors, headshots, etc.) 

Administrative Tasks

69. Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all business processes
70. Property management coordination
71. Record meeting minutes
72. Prepare slideshows (PowerPoint or SlideShare presentations)
73. Create a spreadsheet of client-recommended vendors (reaching out to clients via email for recommendations)
74. Make travel arrangements (booking hotels and flights)
75. Manage personal life and personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones/family members online), managing and organizing  cloud accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox,  etc.)
76. Send holiday/birthday cards to clients (click2mail, ClickSend, Postable, etc.)
77. Input notes from broker tours into your database

78. Manage Asana, Trello,, and other project management apps
79. Store receipts for tax write-offs
80. Organize files in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
81. Document management

Listing & Transaction Related Tasks

82. Validate proof of ownership through county appraiser records or tax records 

83. Input listings into MLS

84. Set up MLS notifications for when a user favorites a property

85. Track feedback from showings

86. Build a tracker to monitor all lockbox codes

87. Send appointment notes/gifts/thank you cards

88. Assemble buyer consultation materials (buyer questionnaires, market pamphlets of neighborhood)

89. Create an open house event and open house sign-in form with a QR code

90. Schedule delivery of food/beverage for open houses

91. Manage transactions (not a recommended first task)

92. Ensure escrow has necessary documents (loan process, appraisal, etc.)

93. Upload business leases/forms

94. Upload required documentation for compliance

95. Track contingency dates

96. Email weekly seller updates

Social Media & Marketing Tasks

97. Static posts, stories, & reels (just listed, just sold, open house, etc.)

98. Respond to Google reviews, private social media messages, mentions, and comments

99. Social media calendar creation

100. Social media research (gathering ideas from other accounts)

101. Edit videos 

102. Track data/progress 

103. Upload podcasts & videos to YouTube & TikTok

104. Add keyword tags to the YouTube channel

105. Research SEO-driven prompts for social media

106. Add MLS listings to the marketing tracker

107. Manage Google Business Page

108. Track marketing analytics

109. Create market snapshots/market reports

110. Request testimonials 

111. Copy testimonials and post on all platforms


112. Create a spreadsheet with contact information gathered at networking events

113. Build agent-to-agent referral network through affiliations 

114. Create a tracker/mailing list of top-producing agents in different cities to get in touch with 

115. Research and schedule in-person and virtual networking events

116. Skip tracing

117. Convert/track generated leads (from signs, website, social media, paid, etc)

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