Home Instead Orange County Coastal Success Story

How Home Instead Orange County Coastal attended to its increasing demand and real-time scheduling needs with ClearDesk


Some of the biggest challenges in the Senior Care industry are:

  • RECRUITING highly-skilled, qualified caregivers

  • SCHEDULING these caregivers appropriately to cover every customer’s needs 


With over 1200 offices worldwide, Home Instead is familiar with these industry struggles.


The challenges kept increasing as the company grew. Therefore, Nick Singh, owner of Home Instead Orange County Coastal for more than six years, approached ClearDesk to find the best solution.

After an initial discovery call, we identified the drivers of his two main concerns:

Home Instead Case Study.png
Home Instead Case Study.png

The business demand was greater than what the recruitment team could handle, which was straining the Human Resources Manager, that couldn’t manage the pipeline on her own anymore.


Real-time scheduling and assigning the appropriate caregiver, especially after-hours, was a challenge. The scheduler had to be on-call most days after her work shift and was unable to assign the best caregiver to each senior.



We decided the best approach was to assign a new remote team member to each of the struggling areas of the business.


We needed to hire a recruiter and a scheduler.


  • CRITERIA - We worked with Nick and the Home Instead team to build a criteria list and profile for each of these roles. With that, we then worked on a training program specific to the needs of the Home Instead franchise.

  • TRAINING - The Home Instead training program was built to ensure the remote team member’s success in their roles. It included the tools and terms they needed to know to understand how Home Instead operates and be immediately onboarded.

We recruited the two remote team members, Roanne and Marian, within eight business days. They both engaged in the ClearDesk Strong Start Program and the Home Instead Training.  Within two weeks, they were fully onboarded and off to the races.

  • ONBOARDING + SUCCESS KPI's - They both engaged in the ClearDesk Strong Start Program and the Home Instead Training. Within two weeks, they were fully onboarded and off to the races.


Home Instead Case Study (1).png


What has Marian done?

Marian, our remote Recruiter with HR and customer relations experience handled the following:


  • Marian developed relationships with the candidates 

  • Marian built trackers for each step of the recruiting process 


With this, Nick could fully understand and manage the recruitment pipeline while attending to the increasing demand without straining the Human Resources Manager. After two months, seven outstanding caregivers were onboarded on the Home Instead team to help new seniors and their families. 

After 2 months, 7 OUTSTANDING CAREGIVERS WERE ONBOARDED on the way to the Home Instead team to help new seniors and their families.

What has Roanne done?


Roanne, our remote Scheduler with more than ten years of experience in project management handled the following:

  • Roanne quickly learned how to use ClearCare (now WellSky)

  • Roanne worked hand in hand with the other scheduler to develop a more streamlined process

The process Roanne built allowed them to schedule shifts in advance - 100% SHIFTS WERE SCHEDULED!

This process also helped increase consistency in the assigned caregiver for the senior's ease. Furthermore, Roanne worked an expanded on-call schedule to accommodate urgent client requests.

Cost Saving Solution

Not only was ClearDesk able to provide remote trained team members, but Nick was also able to leverage meaningful cost savings.


By understanding what success looked like for Nick and keeping in mind the industry-wide challenges he faced while Home Instead Orange County Coastal was growing, we recruited the perfect remote team members for his business.


Within two weeks, Marian and Roanne completed the Strong Start Program and the Home Instead training allowing them to succeed.


Results were quick and operations improved every day. By using ClearDesk and the Home Instead training program, Nick is set up for future growth and success!