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You have been invited to this exclusive program!

Side has partnered with ClearDesk, an international staffing company, to help you streamline your business and find more time in your day. Introducing: The Side Remote Assistant Match Program!

Your Side Assistant is
Fully-Trained in the Side Platform

and can assist you with the following tasks:



  • Complete a print-ready project via a Marq template

  • Upload and share photos and other assets

  • Sent a print-ready project to Corefact via Marq

  • Create a personal template

  • Create and share a brand template

  • Update settings



  • Create an audience

  • Add/remove contacts from a campaign or audience

  • Create and share an email

  • Modify an email template

  • Create and send an email from a template

  • Create and send an email on behalf of mutliple users or from a shared email

  • Create a campaign and a newsletter

  • Look up a contact's activity

Follow Up Boss

  • Import contacts

  • Add a single contact

  • Organize by stage, tag, or custom fields

  • Bulk update contacts

  • Create smart lists

  • Create action plans

  • Assign action plans

  • Create tasks

  • Create deals

  • Create email templates

  • Follow-up via FUB (email, call, text)



  • Create a listing presentation

  • Create a CMA

  • Create a buyer presentation

  • Share the digital or print version of a presentation

  • Upload custom listing presentation pages

  • Upload presentations created in Marq or Moxiworks


Luxury Presence

  • Edit existing page

  • Add/remove an associate

  • Modify an agent bio page

  • Create a custom property

  • Create a sales presentation

  • Create a single property website

  • Export list of leads

  • Look at lead activity in the dashboard

Admin Tasks

  • TC Support

  • Calendar and email management

  • Appointment setting

  • Client nurturing

  • Showings management

  • Document management

  • File and photo organization

Plan Options

The Side Remote Assistant Match Program includes the following:

All of our Remote Staff will have:

  • 4 Year College Degree

  • 2 Years Minimum Work Experience

  • Professional Real Estate Experience

All Compensation & Benefits included

Fully Trained in the Side Platform

HR Manager + Account Manager

Customer Success Manager

Fully Vetted:

  • Background Checks

  • Employment Verification

  • Skill Assessments

  • DISC Personality Test

Are you ready to get started?:

$2,375 per month

Full-Time Side Assistant up to 180 hours per month ($13.19/hour)

Getting Started with your Side Assistant

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After submitting your payment, you will be prompted to complete a quick onboarding questionnaire to help us understand your expectations for how your Side Assistant can help you.


Schedule onboarding
& Kick-off

Meet your Side Assistant! After completing your onboarding questionnaire, you will be prompted to schedule an onboarding call. During this call, we will review the best practices for getting started with your Side Assistant. Additionally, you will schedule a kick-off call to meet your Side Assistant and align your goals, create a schedule, and set expectations.

Agent Testimonials

James Shinbori
Helene Barkin
Sherry Marshall
Mercedes Van Pelt
Ellen Grubert
Loray Hawkins and Tanya Jones
Amanda Jones
Wes Walker

Meet some of your Awesome
Side Assistants