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Clear Desk.

ClearDesk was founded based on years and years of our own experience in prior businesses in outsourcing amazing talent from places like Argentina, Philippines and India.  We now live in a world where high speed internet and the latest technology allows us to build a team of amazing people all across the world.  

In this new economy, saving money on office space, taxes and payroll will be imperative to survive and thrive.  We hope we can share this amazing opportunity with you!

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"ClearDesk has been a super easy solution for hiring a few VAs for our real estate brokerage.  We have trained them to help prepare purchase contracts, leases, follow up with clients, and even help with maintenance and property management requests.  We discovered if we were open minded about not having this person in our office and if we invested in training, we could truly save a lot of money and scale our business in a much better way!  Would highly recommend ClearDesk!."

Jen B.

Realtor in Los Angeles

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